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Auto parts market competition machine tool demand
Auto parts market competition machine tool demand
【author/from】webmanager 【time】2018-12-26 【count】3613
The development of the car industry is dependent on the machine tool industry, and promote the technical progress of machine tool industry. As the "industrial mother" machine is the important equipment, automobile production, accounted for the total fixed asset investment vehicle manufacturer 2/3, directly affect the manufacturing costs. Development of the auto parts market prosperity, has become the subject of consumption of machine tools. The analysis thinks, the automotive industry demand for machine tool industry has accounted for 40% of total consumption.
Reportedly, the current auto industry consumption of machine tool is mainly divided into two aspects: one is for four lines of automotive vehicle production, stamping, welding, painting and assembly line; two is including processing engine, transmission, steering system, braking system, transmission system, suspension system, auto parts. Vehicle production in four lines only the punch line to machine. Key machine tool consumption in second aspects, namely, accounts for the whole vehicle equipment auto parts processing value about 70%. Some experts estimate the demand for auto parts, processing of machine tools to more than ten times larger than the vehicle factory.
As the core parts of the automobile, engine machining equipment is one of the most important equipments for automobile production. Along with the new vehicle enterprises to accelerate, engine production line on the flexibility of the increa